For whom?
Coaching works for you, if you need support in your professional development. You may be wondering about the direction of your future, or you may have challenges with the content of your work, changes, coping with stress or troubles related to work motivation.

Coaching is a method where the coach helps the client utilise his/her own potential to attain his/her goals. The coaching-process is based on the client´s goals, bringing out his/her resources and supporting the client through powerful questions. The coach does not give answers, but relies on the client´s own potential. The role of the coach is to provide a wider perspective to the client´s situation, so that he/she can find the relevant questions and the best possible answers to them.

Career coaching

For whom?
Career coaching is aimed for you, if you are pondering questions related to your professional future, or are actively seeking employment. You can utilize career coaching when employed, when under the threat of unemployment, or in the phase of active job-seeking.

Career coaching begins with a view of your career history: what kind of experience and competences you have accumulated. The coach also helps you assess your strengths, goals and motivational factors. The coaching process is solution-focused, which means that your next steps will be based on your strengths and skills. Practical job hunting skills are practised as part of the coaching.

The principles of Lifedesign-coaching

”Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” – Pentti Sydänmaanlakka

We all have different thoughts about what a good career means, what it should be like, or what makes it “just right” for us. Our wellbeing is greatly affected by our ability to understand ourselves and be aware of our needs and motivations. Only when we know where we want to be, can we find our way there.

We are all good, learning, developing creatures by nature.

Our life situations are shaped by our individual backgrounds, closest relationships, cultural surroundings, as well as by our own thoughts and attitudes. By changing our thoughts, we can influence the way we act, and thereby how others act towards us. We each actively shape our own social contexts and our relationships with other people. We are all able to grow and develop as human beings.

Who do you want to be?

Our identities are built and rebuilt in interaction with others, depending on our life situations and surroundings. Change offers us an opportunity to see the past, present and future through another perspective, and visualize our futures in a new way. Everyone writes their own story, and gives their own meaning to one´s life events. We are all responsible for our own lives and decisions, but sometimes a coach can help us see things from a different angle, and support us in times of change.

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